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Avon City Council At Large

Vote for three. Winners serve two-year terms. Race is non-partisan; party IDs included for informational purposes only.
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    Clinton S. Pelfrey (I)

    President, Chief Investment Officer, Partner, Prosperity Capital Advisors

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    Craig Witherspoon (N)


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    Mark Yonchak (R)

    IT Manager

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    Dan Zegarac (I)

    Sales Manager at Ganley Chevrolet. Have successfully managed companies with 50 to 100 employees and more than $30 million in yearly sales. 30+ successful years of business and management experience.

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  1. Biographical Information
  2. Do you support the charter amendment setting a minimum lot size for new development? If not, do you think that the minimum lot size should be more or less than the proposed 15,000 square feet?
  3. What direction do you feel Avon should take when it comes to commercial development, especially in regards to the coming development near the Nagel Road interchange and along Chester Road?
  4. What should the city do to address flooding in some neighborhoods?