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Senate District 28

Ronald Rice -- 14,367
Russell Mollica -- 4,443

This district includes part of Newark and four other Essex County communities. A Republican is challenging the long-serving Democratic incumbent.

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The Republican candidates have released a video on YouTube here.

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    Russell Mollica (R)


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    WINNER: Ronald Rice - Incumbent (D)


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Russell Mollica
WINNER: Ronald Rice - Incumbent
  1. Biographical Information
  2. In brief, what will be your top three priorities if elected (one sentence each, please).
  3. Should the state provide more school choice for children, including the expansion of charter schools, vouchers for private schools and enabling children to attend public schools outside of their home districts?
  4. Would you make any changes to how schools are funded by the state, including so-called Abbott districts and wealthier suburban localities?
  5. Should the state continue to adopt regional planning initiatives to prevent sprawl, and if so, how should preservation be funded?
  6. Do you support Gov. Christie's energy master plan or would you seek more lofty goals for conservation and renewable energy?
  7. Experts say New Jersey's transportation infrastructure is crumbling. How should the state fund upgrades: continued bonding or borrowing, a gas tax, toll hikes or some other specified method?
  8. What would you do to provide relief for property taxpayers -- for example, further program cuts, additional state aid and rebates -- and should municipalities and schools be forced to do more to regionalize or share services?
  9. What can be done to improve the public discourse here in New Jersey?

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